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Congratulations on your purchase of the AMP Alpine. Detailed fitting instructions are included in the package.


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AMP Alpine


AMP Alpine1

For the casual traveler the AMP Alpine is offered in a “boil and bite” version. The user fabricates the Alpine themselves by heating the mouthpiece in hot water then molding the device to fit the mouth. Get the AMP Alpine.  


AMP the mouthpiece for Altitude sickness

AMP Benefits

Cost and Travel Benefit 

  • Easy, quick and inexpensive solution to altitude problems   
  • Short term traveler can more quickly enjoy the mountain  
  • Traveler can exercise or party without down time while avoiding drug side effects  
  • Improve the mountain experience and optimize travel costs.  
  • No loss of valuable travel time by going to a hospital, a medical clinic or resting indoors  
  • Avoids use and expense of supplemental oxygen  

Medical benefits

  • Severe altitude headache will be eliminated or minimized.
    Nausea, sleeplessness and weakness may be improved 
  • Natural no-drug solution to altitude illness   
  • No long term side effects or TMJ problems due to short term  
  • The AMP helps everyone sleep better at altitude.  
  • No need medical appointment required for drug RX  
  • Avoids the numerous side effects of drugs used to treat Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).  
  • Prevents or lessens altitude illnesses including AMS, HAPE, and HACE.  
  • Hastens acclimatization  
  • Offers dental protection   
  • Offers concussion severity reduction  

Performance benefit 

  • Improves performance by optimizing jaw position for better breathing  
  • Improves breathing at night and oxygenation during the day.  
  • Improves athletic performance due to improved night time rest  
  • Improves athletic performance by improving breathing mechanics  
  • Improves athletic performance because the aerobic limiting side effects of Diamox are eliminated.  
  • Improves athletic performance as a result of the “MORA Effect” similar to the PurePower Mouthguard  


AMP the Altitude Mouthpiece