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AMP the Altitude Mouthpiece Applications

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AMP Applications  

Current and future AMP applications include the following: 


The AMP is intended improve breathing by positioning the mouth in such a way that more oxygen is available. As a result the AMP may help relieve the symptoms of Altitude Sickness while acting in a method partially similar to snoring mouthpieces while being used during sleep.  


The AMP may be used as a protective dental mouthpiece as a mouthguard and may provide a reduction in concussion severity.  


 The AMP may also improve performance by enhancing breathing mechanics and improving sleep. Athletic Performance may be improved through the “MORA Effect” similar to the Pure Power Mouthguard when the device is properly fitted. This effect is said to improve balance, flexibility, strength and range of motion. The AMP may also be beneficial in the athletic training regimen of “train high live low” as it optimizes the oxygen consumption during activity. 


The AMP can be used in conjunction with other treatments for acute mountain sickness and Altitude Sickness including oxygen, drugs, CPAP devices and hyperbaric devices. The AMP may be helpful in emergency medicine situations. 


The extent of AMP uses may be broadened over time depending on ongoing scientific research. Currently the AMP is intended to be used as an aid to improve breathing functionality while being used temporarily in high altitude location.  WARNING: The AMP usage should not be substituted for sound medical advice in emergency situations. 


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