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AMP, the Altitude Mouthpiece Benefits

 AMP Altitude sickness  AMP Benefits and Testimonials

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AMP Benefits

Cost and Travel Benefit 

  • Easy, quick and inexpensive solution to altitude problems  
  • Short term traveler can more quickly enjoy the mountain 
  • Traveler can exercise or party without down time while avoiding drug side effects  
  • Improve the mountain experience and optimize travel costs.  
  • No loss of valuable travel time by going to a hospital, a medical clinic or resting indoors  
  • Avoids use and expense of supplemental oxygen  

Medical benefits

  • Severe altitude headache will be eliminated or minimized. Nausea, sleeplessness                and tiredness may be improved 
  • Natural no-drug solution to altitude illness 
  • No long term side effects or TMJ problems due to short term  
  • The AMP helps everyone sleep better at altitude. 
  • No need medical appointment required for drug prescription.   
  • Avoids the numerous side effects of drugs used to treat Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).  
  • Prevents or lessens altitude illnesses severity for including AMS, high altitude pulmonary edema, high altitude cerebral edema and other general problems. 
  • Hastens acclimatization 
  • Offers dental protection 
  • Offers concussion severity reduction 

Performance benefit 

  • Improves performance by optimizing jaw position for better breathing 
  • Improves breathing at night and oxygenation during the day. 
  • Improves athletic performance due to improved night time rest 
  • Improves athletic performance by improving breathing mechanics 
  • Improves athletic performance because the aerobic limiting side effects of Diamox are eliminated. 
  • Improves athletic performance as a result of the “MORA Effect” similar to the PurePower Mouthguard 


AMP the Altitude Mouthpiece

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