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1. Aussie nurse dies of altitude sickness in Peru

By Jessica Johnston
From: Gold Coast Bulletin
June 09, 2010 12:59PM
A YOUNG Australian nurse travelling in Peru died from altitude sickness an hour after phoning her family.
The Gold Coast Bulletin said today registered nurse Alicia Parks, 24, of Varsity Lakes, was in high spirits when she spoke to her mum Corrine and sister Jade just an hour before she collapsed and died in her Lima hotel.
She was due to return to the Gold Coast on Saturday but instead her dad Shane and older brother Matthew had the heartbreaking task of escorting her body back to Australia from Lima for her memorial service on Friday.
The fit young professional, who devoted her life to helping others, had wanted to work as a volunteer nurse in South America but forged ahead with her holiday when those plans fell through. Alicia's passion for travel was ignited when she went to the US during her high school days at Marymount College.
She and Jade travelled to Thailand and were planning to explore Europe next year. Alicia said she felt ill about a week before her death on May 22, but assured her family she had seen doctors and was on the mend.
"She complained she had a headache ... so bad she felt she was going to die," said Jade. "Then she had pains in her legs and she was given anti-inflammatories and told to rest." Then, days later, Alicia collapsed while sitting in a chair in the hotel's lobby and died soon after.
Jade said she believed young travellers should be better informed about the potentially lethal effects of altitude sickness.

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