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AMP Description

 AMP, the Altitude Mouthpiece Description

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AMP Description

Find out about the AMP and how it can help Altitude Sickness including Acute Mountain Sickness.

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AMP the Altitude Mouthpiece

IMPORTANT: AMP Disclaimer   

AMP the Altitude Mouth Piece is a non-prescription sports mouthpiece designed to improve sleep breathing problems encountered at moderate altitudes. Altitude sports performance may be improved as a result of improved sleeping, improved breathing mechanics and the MORA effect. The AMP is patent pending and was recently invented by Dr Michael Williams a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the Wilderness Medical Society and the Institute of Mountain Medicine. Pilot studies have shown the AMP to be effective in reducing and eliminating Acute Mountain Sickness, improving night time oxygenation and improving sleep at altitude. Other performance benefits may exist due to the improved breathing functionality. Our patented AMP products are manufactured with FDA listed materials that are commonly found in other oral mouthguard appliances made and approved for medical use.

The AMP is not intended to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea, snoring or dental conditions such as tempromandibular joint disorders. However, some people may see improvement in these conditions while using the AMP. Consult with your medical sleep specialist or a certified AMP dental provider located at for more assistance. 

If you have been diagnosed with any form of sleep apnea or a severe respiratory disorder or cardiac conditions you should consult first with a medical sleep specialist before participating in any high altitude activitiy for proper advice, diagnosis and treatment. If you have dentures, loose teeth, dental infections or tempromandibular joint problems, you should consult your local certified AMP dental provider for a custom professional AMP AlpinePRO. Your certified dental or medical specialist can custom adjust your AMP Olympic for treatment of various medically related altitude conditions. Given the short time use for the AMP during the acclimitization period of 2-5 days at a fixed sleeping location, problems are not expected.  Hovwevr, transient mild  soreness as the teeth and jaw acclimate to its use may occur. Any temporary bite change in the morning after use will soon subside if the jaw is clenched into the normal bite position for a fwe minutes. Discontinue use of the AMP if sharp, severe, or ongoing pain occurs. The user of the AMP assumes all the risks and liabilities and there is no Implied guarantee of safety or enhanced performance as other variables exist beyond control of the manufacturer or retailer. 

AMP it up and enjoy the mountain experience! 

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