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Testimonials for the Altitude Mouthpiece

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AMP Testimonials

AMP,  the Altitude Mouthpiece has helped many people prone to altitude sickness to sleep better, stop headaches, prevent nausea and perform better without drugs like Diamox or oxygen equipment.

Altitude sleep Ricks test

NR California

"I have always had trouble with the Altitude. I tried to sleep without my new mouthpiece but I was in so much pain that I had to put in right away. The mouthpiece is the only way that I can sleep in the high mountain air."

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Altitude Testimonial AJ em  AJ2 

AJ Illinois

"I dreaded coming to the mountains with my family because I always got very sick and threw up every time. I tried the altitude mouthpiece on my 12th trip and this is the best I have ever felt.  If you have altitude sickness, I think you should try the Altitude Mouthpiece."

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MW Florida

"I tried for years to adjust to the high altitude and finally discovered Diamox medication. The Diamox helped but the side effects were awful. I have been to high altitude now for 8 trips and the AMP has worked every time and I don't suffer from Altitude Sickness and I have stopped using Diamox."

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