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   What AMP models are offered and which is right for me? 

The AMP comes in three styles: AMP Alpine, AMP Alpine PRO and  AMP Olympic..

AMP Alpine

AMP Alpine1

The AMP Alpine offers the casual altitude traveler an opportunity to evaluate the benefit of the AMP product line with a simple to use and economical option. Many high altitude tourists try the AMP Alpine first.testimonials  Once the benefit has been established the more frequent high altitude visitor may wish to use the custom AMP Alpine Pro which offers a more secure and comfortable fit. The more serious Alpine athletes will want the AMP Olympic which allows adjustments for various activities.   For the casual traveler the over the counter AMP Alpine is offered in a “boil and bite” version. The user fabricates the Alpine themselves by heating the mouthpiece in hot water then molding the device to fit the mouth. Get the AMP Alpine here.   


AMP Alpine PRO

Alpine PRO1

The serious athlete or the frequent mountain visitor, highly susceptible altitude sickness, will want the AMP Alpine PRO. testimonials The user makes their own dental impression using simple instructions then forwards the impressions to the AMP dental laboratory for a custom fitted AMP PRO mouthpiece The Alpine Pro is a more comfortable and durable appliance intended for use persons who often suffer form acute mountain sickness. Get the AMP Alpine PRO here. 


AMP Olympic 

AMP Olympic1


The AMP Olympic is dentist fabricated only. Contact us directly for a list of AMP certified dentist in your area. BY using custom impressions and scientific bite registration the Olympic can offer a more permanent solution. testimonials This is custom fitted by a dentist and may be prescribed by a MD as a treatment for AMS. The AMP Olympic may be an adjustable appliance which will maximize performance and acclimatization benefit and will be fabricated from the most durable comfortable material. 

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