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How the AMP helps Altitude sickness

AMP altitude sickness  Altitude Sickness

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How does the AMP help treat Altitude Sickness and Acute Mountain Sickness?

The AMP repositions the jaw to maximize airflow. The AMP positions the jaw and tongue into a certain location which maintains or increases the airway opening. This improves blood oxygenation at altitude for susceptible persons. Improved oxygenation during sleep in particular helps treat or prevent acute mountain sickness.

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Altitude Performance
Breathing mechanics may also be improved. Breathing better at high altitude helps everyone adjust better and quicker to the mountain air and may improve athletic performance. AMP Science link

Athletic performance and normal activities such as walking and climbing stairs at altitude is initially limited due to the reduced oxygen pressure. Even very fit athletes from sea level may encounter performance and breathing problems. The AMP can accelerate the altitude acclimatization process and may improve actual performance through the “MORA” or “Pure Power Mouthguard” effect.

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