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How to use the AMP

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How to use the AMP

When should the AMP be used?                    

To help eliminate or reduce the effects of Acute Mountain Sickness the AMP is designed to be used while sleeping in a fashion similar to a snoring mouthpiece. Improved sleeping and daytime use may improve athletic performance.

However, the AMP can be used any time of the day and may also help with the PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Breathing) breathing procedure .  

At what altitude should the AMP be used?                                                                                        Generally the AMP will be used at altitudes of 8000 feet or greater. 

The mostfrequently elevation where altitude sickness is common is around 8000 feet although it can be seen in susceptible individuals at lower elevations such as 5000 feet (Denver).

The drowsiness seen in airplanes is partially caused by the pressurization in flight at 8000 feet and the AMP could be helpful for long air travel.


The low oxygen pressure at altitude causes a reduction in the physical performance capacity and endurance. This the low oxygen pressure negatively affects the overall body physiology which can cause Altitude Sickness and other potentially life threatening altitude illnesses.  



How long do I need to use the AMP? 

To treat AMS most individuals benefit from a 3-4 overnight usage. The athlete can use the AMP as long as there are breathing issues. 



Can the AMP be used with other altitude treatments? 


The AMP could possibly enhance the performance of other altitude treatment modalities such as drugs or oxygen devices. However, most people will benefit from the AMP without the use of additional medication or appliances.

The physician at altitude may prescribe the use of the AMP to help with emergency altitude treatments.  



How long will the AMP last? 

The AMP Alpine should be expected to last one full ski season.  The more secure and comfortable Alpine PRO and AMP Olympic will provide several season of use.



AMP Precaution Notes 

If you have been diagnosed with any form of sleep apnea or a severe respiratory disorder or cardiac conditions you should consult first with a medical sleep specialist before participating in high altitude activities for proper advice, diagnosis and treatment. If you have dentures, loose teeth, dental infections or tempromandibular joint problems, you should consult your local certified AMP dental provider for a custom professional AMP Olympic or Alpine PRO. Your certified dental or medical specialist can custom adjust your AMP Olympic for treatment of various medically related altitude conditions. The short term use of the AMP may cause mild and most often temporary soreness as the teeth and jaw acclimate to its use and it is normal to experience a modest and temporary bite change in the morning after use. Discontinue use of the AMP if sharp, severe, or ongoing pain occurs. The user of the AMP assumes all the risks and liabilities and there is no Implied guarantee of safety or enhanced performance as other variables exist beyond control of the manufacturer or retailer.

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