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What is the AMP, the Altitude Mouthpiece?

The AMP offers the altitude traveler a simple solution to the headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, weakness and breathing problems encountered at altitude. The AMP is a simple in mouth appliance, similar to a mouth guard, that will dramatically improve how you feel and perform while your body is adjusting to the altitude.
is the easy, quick and affordable solution to temporary altitude problems. The AMP is fabricated from EVA an FDA approved medical material used to make mouthguards for over 50 years. Get the AMP 

What does the AMP look like?
The AMP looks similar to the common snoring or mouthguard mouthpiece.

AMP altitude sicknessAMP looks like

 The AMP Alpine


Why is the AMP the preferred treatment option?

  • The AMP is a natural solution to breathing better at altitude.  Susceptible people sleep better and may avoid the severe headaches and nausea from altitude sickness.
  • The need for drugs and their side effects may be eliminated or reduced.  
  • You are more likely to begin enjoying the mountain experience quickly since the acclimatization process may be accelerated with the AMP and the side effects of Diamox (altitude Rx drug) in particular are avoided.  
  • The AMP may eliminate the need for medical clinic visits or the use of bulky oxygen equipment.   

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